The future of brushing

Mode is the first electric toothbrush that docks and charges in the bathroom without wires.

Soft tapered bristles.

Made with soft tapered bristles that gently clean the tooth surface and everything in between.

Premium rubber finish.

Mode’s brush heads and upper handle are made with rubber for a smooth brushing each time.

One mode.

Delivers 38,000 powerful brush strokes per minute for an exhilarating clean every day.

Quiet motor. Max power.

Engineered with an industry-leading motor that delivers powerful brush vibrations with less noise.

Aluminum handle.

Designed for comfort and engineered to last decades.

Wireless charging.

Mode magnetically docks and charges on the wall. Say no to wires and yes to more counter space.

Built-in nightlight.

The ambient nightlight transforms your space and supports your nightly routine.

Adapts to any space.

Mode rotates to fit any bathroom space and and leaves room for other plug-in accessories.


Provides complete protection from water for long-lasting usage.

What’s included.

  • Toothbrush
  • Charging Dock
  • Brush Cover

Innovation meets routine.

Wireless dock

Mode toothbrush lives and charges on the wireless dock.

Built-in Nightlight

Illuminate your space with the built-in dock nightlight.

One mode

38,000 perfectly calibrated vibrations for a deep clean.

Rotating dock

Fully rotating charging dock for easy placement anywhere.

Whisper-quiet motor

Leading motor that provides max brushing power without the noise.


IPX7 waterproof for use in the bathroom or shower.