Subscription Warranty
Mode offers a lifetime warranty on our electric toothbrush for all purchases associated with an active brush head subscription. This warranty applies to manufacturing and workmanship defects only.

The lifetime warranty only applies to subscription orders made on this website for the Mode toothbrush. All other items are subject to a 1 year warranty.

One-time purchase Warranty
For all purchases not associated with an active subscription, your Mode toothbrush will be covered under a 1 year warranty from date of purchase. This 1 year warranty also applies to gifted items without a subscription, giveaway items or free items received.

Replacement Warranty
Replacement parts or units sent under the one-time purchase warranty do not extend or restart the warranty period. The original 1 year warranty from original purchase date still applies.

Standard Warranty Coverage
Our warranty covers manufacturing and workmanship defects only. Cosmetic damages to the product prior to use/upon opening must be reported to our support team within 5 days of receiving the product.

Our warranty does not cover any of the following:

  • Normal wear and tear from using the product
  • Damage caused by misuse
  • Damaged caused by improper storage
  • Damage to the dock caused by improper care, handling or washing
  • Tampered product
  • Repairs not authorized by Mode
  • Lost or stolen items

Warranty Claim
In the case of a warranty claim, we must receive your item back for review and testing. Please contact our support team for further assistance.

Replacements will only be granted for the original item purchased.

Authorized Sellers
Only Mode products purchased from our website or Amazon.com by the seller "Mode Toothbrush" are eligible under this warranty.